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Before!  This is the house BEFORE we embarked on our duck tour!


We drive right up the hill to the top of the rock.  The house is not much as it's just a small cottage on a lake.  But there are great views, boating, fishing, swimming, and just a relaxing place away from it all... not when we go on vacation but here at nipmuc point



We live here year round (The winter photos are easy to spot - There's no leaves on the trees!)  We're very lucky to stumble on such a great spot.  In the winter it's can get windy and cold but we have great cross country skiing, ice skating, lots of fun sledding and don't forget, warm fires either right on the beach or in the fireplace inside!  See map. 

A flag pole sits on top of the rock.  It's 30 feet and illuminated at night.  In this picture to the right you can see the hand rail for the stairs that lead down to the beach and docks... Our dog Emma loves to swim and leap off the dock to dive into the water to fetch a frisbee or a stick.  When swimming the water slide is a lot of fun!  We have lots of pictures and several tours are just about to get under way...
There's a fixed dock and two floating docks.  It's very relaxing to sit in a lounge chair on one of the floating docks relaxing to favorite tunes (The resident tech nut, when he's not Day sailing, goes overboard at times with wiring...  there are outdoor speakers everywhere, among other things).   It's a great spot to watch the water skiers go by.  In this photo there's a family friend out in the kayak.
A picture from winter time!

In the winter the ice some times gets quite thick; A few will even take snow mobiles out on the ice.  It's fun to visit the ice fishermen to check the depth cut into the ice.  The flags are set ready to spring when the big one bites.  Some day we just might get a snow blower and then we can have a huge skating rink!

But the best time of the year here is in the summer.

Now doesn't this view of two chairs on a gently floating dock look nice?  Look!  There's somebody out swimming, well actually, floating on a tube.

A great spot on the deck off the back of the house.  There's a rope light (whoops, the tech nut is wiring something again) along the outer edge of the railing for just enough evening lighting.  It's great eating dinner here while the sun sets.  There are also stairs leading down to the boats from the far right end of the deck.

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Lake Nipmuc foliage

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A Mushroom tour!

Sunrise Fog


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Recent news:

July 2001
A new domain name:  nipmucpoint.com !

May 2002
Ted added a 12 foot O'Day Widgeon sail boat to the fleet for 2002.

January 2003
We have a new weather station!  View our current weather conditions.   Check out the new Lake Nipmuc subweb!

July 2003
A new kayak!  Purchased at less than half price (since it fell off somebody's car and got a few scratches) at REI.

September 10, 2003
It was a foggy morning at sunrise...

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